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You can book a session for hands-on training in your clinic! This is the MOST effective way to becoming an awesome sonographer, but only if you have the basics. Check out the individual courses: Simplified Physics and Scanning Skills so I don't waste your time while I'm there. We will go over the vital knobology and practice scanning motions and aspirates with a phantom model.

Please contact CVUES at for further information, ESPECIALLY if you are outside Vancouver Island, BC. Needless to say travel costs will be in addition to the price quoted for this item. Alternatively, you could book the CVUES in Cyberspace, for virtual supervision.

Once you've finished the course, "Doing A Cysto? Check the Bladder!" Book this item for some in-person supervision to help you get it perfect. Maximum students per visit - 4.

IMPORTANT: Do not book this if you are already experienced in veterinary ultrasound i.e. full abdomens. It sounds counter-intuitive, but veterinarians who have taken courses here and there may have holes in their knowledge which may not be detected. We can not give false assurance to sonographers who have not had comprehensive, intensive training and practice. We will not attempt to "fill in the holes".

Your Instructor

Christine Devlin, CRGS, CRCS-AE, CRVT
Christine Devlin, CRGS, CRCS-AE, CRVT

Christine Devlin is the owner/operator of CVUES [seaviews] Services Ltd. She has been a registered diagnostic sonographer since 1986 and has credentials in General, Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound, and has had a full-time veterinary ultrasound service since 2007.

She is passionate about the future of veterinary ultrasound and providing excellent care for those who can't speak for themselves: our furry family members.

For more about Christine, see About CVUES.

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