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Veterinary ultrasound is growing by leaps and bounds! To help you keep up with the changes, CVUES is designing specialized programs for each level of need. You can learn to scan competently and confidently whether you're just doing Point-of-Care studies or a full abdomen. Pick a course and LET"S GO!

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Hands-on practice is ALWAYS necessary to become a competent and confident sonographer. Besides the usual content of videos, pdfs and quizzes, check out the CVUES In Person, and CVUES In Cyberspace offerings (under construction).

These add-ons help you practice by "looking over your shoulder" IRL (in real life) or using the web AND by critiquing images and studies you complete on your own.

We will make every effort to tailor these to your schedule, while keeping an eye on our main objective: excellent scanning ability in whichever area your chosen course applies.